Years ago, I also wondered and was equally confused about the difference between BB, CC, DD cream and Foundation and which one should be preferred during which occasion and the best one for me. 

So, today, we are going to discuss the significance of each cream and how are they different from each other and yet they achieve the same goal of giving an even look to your skin. 

BB Cream (Blemish Balm/Beauty Balm)

BB cream is a versatile union of-sunscreen, foundation and moisturizer at the same time, thus, it protects, corrects and moisturizes. It also acts as a primer and a concealer to hide all your pimples, acne marks and any dark spots left behind and cuts down the lengthy beauty process into short thus, saving your precious time.

It contains SPF which protects your skin and sometimes also contain Vitamin C, E and antioxidants which heals your skin from within.

When to use?

When you want a medium coverage, and have less time, you can always bet on BB cream. Apply BB cream after you have done your regular skincare routine.

How to choose BB cream for you?

Choose the shade closest to your skin color. Go for minimum 30 SPF.

Oily skin-Go for a matte formula BB cream.

Dry/normal skin-Go for dewy and hydrating formula.

How to apply?

  • Take a pea drop sized BB cream into your fingertips and gently apply to your face and neck.
  • The warmth of your fingers and skin will make it very easy to blend in. You can also use blender.


  • Thicker in consistency than CC cream and provides lesser coverage than foundation and CC cream. 
  • More tender than foundation.
  • More oily than CC cream.


CC Creams (Color Correcting)

CC creams/Color correcting in its name itself depicts its true meaning-it corrects your skin, evens your skin tone, lightens it, smoothens wrinkles, fades discoloration and simultaneously solves another skin issues such as it moisturizes, conceals, provides UV protection and sometimes also contain anti-ageing properties.

It is a low maintenance cream and less time consuming product.

When to use CC cream?

When you want a no makeup look, yet, a bright and flawless skin in no time, CC cream is the best option for you.

How to choose a CC cream?

Look for a CC cream that contains minimum 30 SPF and moisturizing properties/ingredients. 

How to apply?

Apply CC cream after you have applied moisturizer,  sunscreen and primer. Take a pea sized drop CC cream and apply it with the help of blender or your fingertips. 


  • Less oily than BB cream.
  • More tender than BB cream and foundation.
  • Thinner in consistency than BB cream and foundation.
  • Provides more coverage than BB cream and lesser than foundation.

DD Creams (Daily Defense/Dynamic Do All)

DD cream as mentioned, referred as Daily Defense/Dynamic Do All and it is a fusion of shielding properties of BB and CC cream, fights against fine lines and evens out imperfections.

It can also be called as hybrid of both BB and CC creams. It also contains moisturizing ingredients, acts as a shield for UV rays and other skin issues.

When to apply?

Apply it after you have put on your moisturizer and sunscreen on your face. You can apply this cream on normal days and places, like for office, tuition, school, etc.

How to apply?

Take some DD cream in your fingertips and gently apply it on your face and neck.


  • Tender and lighter version of BB and CC creams.
  • Provides lesser coverage than BB, CC cream and foundation.



Foundations vary from lighter to higher coverage. High coverage foundation hides all your skin’s imperfections, camouflages blemishes and gives your skin an even look whereas light coverage doesn’t hide that many skin’s imperfections and flaws.

The shades of foundation comes in wide range of  options unlike, BB, CC and DD creams. It can come in forms of creams, loose powder, liquid and stick.

When to use?

You can use foundation when you want coverage for a full day or want a high makeup look.

How to choose foundation?

Choose the shade of foundation closest to your skin color of your face. Those who have near perfect skin can choose light coverage foundation.
Oily skin-choose matte foundation or oil free foundation
Dry skin-go for foundation that contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

How to apply?

  • Use a brush or blender. 
  • Take a pea sized drop foundation and apply it using small dots all around your face and neck. 
  • Now, blend it with the help of your blender.


  • The coverage of foundation is very high than BB, CC and DD cream.

  • Foundations provide coverage from sheer to full but the sheer coverage is also higher than BB, CC and DD cream.

  • Thicker than BB, CC  and DD creams.

  • Available in many shades.


Conclusion :

Through this simple yet, effective guide you can definitely find the best cream for your skin, irrespective of your skin type and occasions.