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“Love is in the hair.”

Combing and choosing the proper hair brush for your hairs may seem a pretty easy job but, what if I tell you that some of us are doing it in a wrong way? Yes, you heard it right, such thing exists! 

To comb your hairs the right way is very essential for the healthy growth of your hairsAlso, combing and brushing your hairs in a wrong way can permanently or temporarily damage your cuticles, outer layer of your hairs and many more.

So, today I am going to tell you some of the rules you need to consider and need to pay attention to while combing and brushing your hairs.


Rules for combing your hairs:

1. Never brush your hairs when wet

The biggest mistake everyone right now would be making is to comb your hairs when wet. When your hairs are wet, they are in the super delicate situation and weakest at that time. Also the strain caused due to combing your hairs when they are wet can create tension and make your hairs prone to breakage and short.

The excellent way to comb your hairs is when they are dry. Always make sure to dry your hairs gently by patting towel on your hairs and squeezing out the excess water. Try not to dry your hairs through rough handling by towel. Let it air dry. Wet hair stretches more than usual which can damage it.

2. Comb before shampooing

Combing your hairs before shampooing gets rid of any excess damage which could be caused after shampooing your hairs. Excess damage could be caused when you will start detangling heavy and large knots. So, it is always better to detangle any knots before shampooing to avoid excess/additional hair damage.

3. Get a wide tooth comb for detangling hairs

Always use a wide tooth comb for detangling your hairs as it is very easy to remove any knots and also this process is free from any torture. Otherwise, a normal and narrow tooth comb would eventually cost you of losing your hairs, frizziness and breakage too. 

When your hairs are 80% dry start detangling your hairs with a wide tooth comb.

4. Comb your hairs gently and in smaller sections

Combing in smaller and tinier sections is always easier than larger sections, so go for smaller sections. While combing your hairs, you need to be very gentle with them as more strength applied to your hairs can cause excessive amount of damage to your follicles, causes hair breakage and also leads to short hair.

Always remember, calmness is the only key while dealing yourself with your hairs.

5. Comb your hairs from the bottom up

Start combing your hairs from the ends and slowly and gradually move upwards towards the roots. Combing from the roots towards the ends makes the knots in your hair more severe and intense and causes numerous issues such as breakage, short hair, frizziness, and damages your roots and hairs internally too.

Always start 3-4 inches from the ends and gradually move towards your way up to the roots and later your hairs will all be sorted and you will be effortlessly able to slide your comb in your hairs.

6. Avoid combing your hairs more than required or too much

Yeah you heard it! This thing also actually exists. It is quite true that combing your hairs can evenly spread out natural oils and improve the blood circulation of scalp, but excessive brushing your hairs can also cause damage and make your hairs look very dull.

Brushing and combing your hairs twice a day is enough for the proper growth of your hairs. Brushing too much can damage your cuticles and also the outer layer of your hairs. 

7. Clean your hairbrush regularly

Not cleaning your hairbrush will eventually make your hairbrush pile up with dust, oils from your hair, dead skin cells, etc. So cleaning your hairbrush regularly twice a week is very essential. Otherwise the leftovers from your brushes and combs will be again piled up on your smooth shampooed hair again!

You can clean your hair brushes with the help of any toothbrush and regular shampoo/soap.

How to pick the proper hair brush/comb?

Cheap and low quality hair brushes and combs can really damage your hairs and as well as your scalp. Choose  a comb made out of wood or rubber (hard rubber) and hair brush whose bristles are made out of wild boar. These brushes bristles made are gentle on your hairs and evenly spreads out sebum secreted to all your hairs without damaging them.

Advantages of brushing your hairs:

  • Activates sebacious glands (sebum)
  • Adds shine to your hairs
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Doesn’t clog your pores
  • Promotes blood circulation in your scalp which results in the healthy growth of your hairs
  • Keeps your hair moisturized
  • Promotes the growth of hair
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Removes loose hair

Disadvantages of not brushing your hairs regularly:

  • Expect kinky hairs
  • Tangling of hairs
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Scalp gets greasier
  • You touch your hairs more often
  • Bedhead


Through the above mentioned article over combing and brushing your hairs you can definitely achieve your dream hairs which you have always wished for!