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“Foundation is the base of all your makeup.”

Do you also get confused while you are in the store and not know which shade is made for you?
Finding the perfect shade which matches your skin tone can be quite tricky, but, fear not, I am here to guide you through this tricky situation. 
Picking up the correct foundation shade is very essential as lighter shade can make you look chalky and the darker one will give an aghast look. Only the correct one foundation shade can give you naturally flawless and gorgeous look.
Foundations are available in many forms such as mousse, liquid, cream, powder and serum, yet, they all give you an even and creamy look, hiding all the flaws of your skin. The journey to discover your “The one” foundation shade goes through below mentioned parameters:
  • Skin’s undertone
  • Foundation finish
  • Swatch test
  • Foundation Coverage
  • Skin tone


1. How to find your skin’s undertone?

Firstly, what is skin’s undertone? Skin undertone is a subtle color situated beneath your skin. Basically, there are 3 types of undertones:
  1. Cool
  2. Warm
  3. Neutral 
Lets, try some few tests. With the help of these tests you can quickly and very easily determine your skin’s undertone:
A. Vein test
If the color of your veins is blueish/purplish then you have cool undertone, if the color is greenish then you have warm undertone and if they are both a mixture of green and blue color then you have neutral skin undertone.
B. Suntest
You go out in the sun and if you face burning sensations and your skin easily gets turned pink/red  then you have a cool undertone. If your skin tans in the sun then you have warm undertone and if you face both burns and tan then you have neutral skin undertone.
C. Jewellery
If silver jewellery suits you more then you are likely to have cool undertone, if golden jewellery suits you more then you have warm undertone and if both suits you then you have neutral undertone.
Some of the foundations are even labelled like-neutral toned, warm toned and cool toned. For warm undertone pick yellow based foundation, for cool undertone pick pink based foundation and for neutral, look for the mix of yellow-pink based foundation.

2. Choose your finish (matte/semi-matte/dewy/radiant)

Finishes of the foundation can be narrowed down into mainly 4 types, they are 
  • Matte,
  • Semi-matte, 
  • Hydrating/dewy and 
  • Radiant/luminizing. 

Each finish has significance of its own and which finish to choose for yourself really depends upon your skin type. Lets know the significance of each finish.

Matte finish– If you have an extremely oily skin, go for matte finish as it eliminates all the excess oilyness.
Semi matte finish– If you have a combination skin you can go for semi matte finish as it will not make your face extremely dry and keep your makeup for longer duration of time.
Dewy/hydrating– If you have a dry/combination skin go for hydrating /dewy finish as it will keep your face moisturized all the time.
Radiant/luminizing– Luminizing/radiant finish seems like a dewy finish but it gives a glowy look. So, while using radiant/luminizing foundation, keep your makeup look precise, fine and subtle or else it will make your full face shimmery and make your face look oily.

3. Do a swatch test

Narrow down your choices to 2-3 shades which are closest to your skin color. You will get your perfect shade by applying sample of those shades from your jaw lines  to your neck keeping each shade away from each other on some distance.
Amongst those 2-3 shades, choose that shade which matches the most to your  skin complexion, eliminating others. It should also be a perfect match to your neck too and should be blended easily into your skin.

4. Select your coverage

Coverage is the transparency of the product which varies from light/sheer, medium, to heavy/full. Depending on what type of look you want will help you to get your coverage foundation. Lets discuss what these coverage tells us :
Light/sheer – When you want a natural look and are out just for few hours, I recommend you using the sheer foundation.
Medium coverage – If you want a moderate look, go for medium coverage.
Full/Heavy coverage – If you want to attend some function which is going to last long and doesn’t want your makeup to wipe out, go for full coverage foundation.


5. How to find your skin tone?

Skin tones are mainly classified into 3 categories,
  • Light – Very light colored skin and gets burned in the sun easily (turns pink/red), with yellow/pink undertones.
  • Medium – This tone is the average color of light and deep skin tone, with yellow undertones and gets tanned easily in the sun.
  • Deep – This skin tone has dark complexion with yellow undertones and also gets tanned easily in the sun.


By the end of this blog, you will be much more confident than before while choosing your “The one” foundation shade without any hesitation.