“Lips without lipstick is like a dessert without sugar.”

Lipsticks have been ruling over every woman’s heart since ages and plays quite a vital role in changing instant look of anyone. It is indeed true – without lipstick no makeup look is ever complete!                                

Many of us will claim to know the exact way to apply the lipsticks, but the case really may not be entirely true. So, here I will be discussing how to apply lipstick like a pro without causing any harm to your lips.     

Step 1 : Exfoliation

The first footstep towards applying lipstick would be an excellent exfoliation. Yes, you heard it right! Exfoliating dead skin layer from your lips is a good start as it will also keep your lips hydrated and away from flakiness.
Exfoliation also keeps your lipstick long lasting by giving it an even and smoother base and also gets rid of any discoloration on your lips. 
How to exfoliate?
  • Take the scrub and massage it on your lips in circular motions slowly. 
  • Do it for 2-3 minutes.
  • Rinse off with cold water.
Be gentle while exfoliating. Remember not to scrub cracked or bleeding lips.
How often exfoliate?
Exfoliating 1-2 times in a week is enough. Don’t over exfoliate as the skin area of your lips is super sensitive and thin. 

Step 2 : Moisturize

No one wants to have chapped, flaky and dry lips, right? So, the next and immediate step after exfoliation is moisturizing. Hydrated lips gives smoother base for lipstick application which makes your lip color go very easy. Moisturizing after exfoliation makes it very easy for the moisturizer to penetrate and go deeper within your lips.

Moisturize your lips with a thin layer of lip balm or moisturizer. 

Step 3 : Apply a lip primer/foundation/concealer

When your lips are prepped with primer/foundation/concealer, your lipstick stays on for longer duration of time than usual. If you don't have a primer, you can use a foundation/concealer on your lips.

After using it, one uniform color is formed which is free from any discoloration. People those who have dark pigmented and discolored lips should apply it.  Dab a thin layer of concealer/foundation on your lips.

Step 4 : Lipliner

Lipliner gives a fuller and crisp look to your lips which defines your natural lip line. It prevents your lipstick from spreading out. Sharp your lipliner everytime you are using it, as it will create a sharp and crisp line. Choose a lipliner closest to your lipstick shade. 
How to line your lips?
Start drawing from the center top, cupid’s bow drawing an X shape and mark the corners of your lips and later join the remaining lines.
Always soften and blend your lipliner with your lipstick, so that it won’t look a mess.

Step 5 : The lipstick

After you are done with all the above steps, take out your lovely and gorgeous lipstick and fill it in your lips. Make a smiley face everytime you are applying your lipstick as it will not stretch out your lipstick, everytime you open your mouth.

After applying lipstick you can use concealer on the outer edges of your lips, this will it create a crisp and a sharp look.

How to apply?

  • Start applying lipstick from the top center and move outwards the corners of your lips and later the lower lip.
  • Fill out any missed areas with the second layer of lipstick with the help of your fingers.

You can also use an angular brush instead.

Quick tip: If you have very thin lips, don’t go for dark and bold colors instead make a preference of light colored lipsticks or simply apply a lip gloss over your lipstick. This will make your lips look more plump and fuller. 

Step 6 : Bloting your lips

The main motive behind blotting your lips is to help the pigment set on your lips for deeper and longer period of time. So, take a piece of paper and press it in between your lips. This process will remove excess lipstick on your inside preventing it to get on your teeth.

Using paper instead of tissue is better any day as paper only picks up the oil, unlike tissue paper picks up both oil and the pigment and also leaves unwanted white traces of tissue on your lips.

How to blot?

Fold the paper in half, keep the fold facing you and press it in between your lips.

Then take a tissue and apply a powder with your brush through the tissue paper which will let you set your lipstick for longer duration of time and instantly mattifies it.

Conclusion :

With the help of this guide, you will eventually learn how to apply lipstick like a professional. Since, applying lipstick the wrong way can ruin your look and also harm your lips too.