Following a night skincare routine after a long hectic day can be really tough! But, did you know that the largest organ of your body is skin? Therefore, it is really very important to make your skin top priority and not to ignore it. This routine can save your skin from various skin issues which can occur in the short  as well as in the long term duration.

And also, at night, while you sleep, products get deeply absorbed in your skin, better than daytime.
Your skin  ages more quickly if you don’t pay attention to your face, thus, making your biological age appear different than your chronological age.

Sequence of products:

The sequence in which you apply your products can really ensure that your skin receives all the benefits from each product or not.

If you don’t use the products in the right order, you won’t receive the best results from your night skincare routine.
While following the night skincare routine, following the steps in the given sequence is very important.


1. Remove makeup

2. Cleanser

3. Toner

4. Treatment

5. Eye cream

6. Moisturize

Step 1 : Remove makeup


The biggest mistake you’re certainly making is sleeping with your make up on! 

Removing makeup before going to sleep at night is the most crucial and important step to be considered, if you want a healthy and a youthful skin. Large amount of damage can happen during the night if you leave your makeup on, such as: 
  • Age your skin rapidly
  • Cause blemishes
  • Irritation
  • Increase the chances of getting redness, pimples, blackheads, etc.

Many people wonder, why to go through makeup removing process, when you can directly cleanse your face with facewash. But, we have to remember that to get totally rid of the day’s dirt, grime, oil and makeup, using a makeup remover is necessary before moving to the next step. Also, face wash does not help cleanse your full face makeup thoroughly. Therefore, it is necessary to use makeup remover before moving to the cleansing process.

Makeup remover cleans away makeup, dirt, impurities from the surface of your skin caused due to the makeup products, cosmetics and pollution.
You can also purchase a separate eye makeup remover as the skin around your eyes is very sensitive and thin.

How to use makeup remover?

Use a bottle of a no-rinse miscellar water makeup remover, according to your suitable skintype.
  • Soak a cotton pad with miscellar water.
  • Gently wipe your eye makeup, as the skin around eye is very sensitive.
  • And wipe the pad across your face and neck for all over makeup removal.

Step 2 : Cleansing your skin

The makeup remover removes most of the makeup products from your skin, but what about remaining residue of dirt and pollution? For further night skincare routine process, you need a clean and clear skin, which is free of dirt and oil, thus, making it perfectly prepped to absorb your skin regime.

Taking the time to thoroughly cleanse your face, will visibly make your face improve on daily basis. Daily facial cleansing in the morning and evening is important. Even if you haven’t applied makeup or haven’t gone outside your house, cleansing your face in the evening is important as your skin repairs and regenerates at night.

How to cleanse?

  • Wash your hands first.
  • Take a good quantity of cleansing milk (according to your skin type)in your hand.
  • Apply it on your face and neck as well.
  • Massage it slowly on your face for few minutes.
  • Now, swipe your face with cotton.

Now, use a of foam cleanser (facewash). The first cleanser will remove dirt and oil and the second foam cleanser will go really deep into your skin pores and remove all the dirt left behind. The double cleanser method is only required at the night time.

Cleansing maintains the radiance of the skin, gives your brighter complexion leaving your face feeling smoother and softer.

If you don’t cleanse your face twice a day, you will start noticing that your face is getting dull day by day.

Step 3 : Use the toner


A face toner is a watery substance which is a quick absorbing liquid that maintains the pH level of your skin, removes any last traces of dirt and impurities left behind, tightens your skin pores and are loaded with humectants and antioxidants. It is a way to prepare your skin to absorb the moisturizing products which is the next step.

Ingredients to look for?

Avoid using toners which are alcohol based as it can decrease your skin’s hydration. Always look for alcohol free toner as it is more mild on your skin.

While buying a toner, look for ingredients such as: tea tree oil, aloe vera, rose water, chamomile, Vitamin E. 

Dry skin : Look out for ingredient named alpha hydroxy acid.

Acne prone/oily skin : Look out for a toner with a combination of glycolic and salicyclic acids.

Normal/combination skin : Look out for ingredients such as Vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, glycerin.

Some people also use rose water as a face toner, as rose water is known to have antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects which soothes your skin and thus, proves to be a great face toner. Therefore, people are using more rose water toners more often.

How to use toner?

  • Dip a cotton pad in toner or use your fingertips.
  • Now, apply it on your face and neck.
  • Let it settle for a few seconds before moving towards next step.

Step 4 : Eye cream


The most debating question is : Do you really need to use a separate cream for your eyes? The answer is undoubtedly yes! 

The signs of aging is shown on the eye area first rather than forehead or cheeks. Also the continuous movement of muscles with facial expressions, the skin under eyes gets stretched and start showing fine lines and wrinkles much sooner than expected. So, the best decision would be to prevent future damage to your skin than to fix it later.

The skin around your eyes is the most thinnest, delicate and sensitive part of our face and tends to get easily dry which is more likely to show your age and fatigue. 

Eye creams are specially prepared or formulated moisturizers which are meant to be used on the specific region of the skin. It should be used on a daily basis and included in your skincare routine.

Ingredients to look for:

The main motive of using an eyecream is to reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, brighten the eye area and get rid of puffiness.
So, look for eyecreams which are lighter in form rather than thicker form. Also look for ingredients such aspeptides as it targets these problems and can have a great impact on signs of aging and keep the skin around the eyes smoother and firmer. Look for ingredients such as Vitamin A (source retinol), E, hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Always look for an eyecream which is fragrance free and also hypoallergenic.

How to use?

  • Wash your hands first as it can contaminate the cream with germs.
  • Take a pea sized eye cream in your fingertips.
  • Apply it in small dots around your eye and smooth until it gets absorbed.
  • Let it absorb for a few seconds before moving towards next step.

Step 5 : Treat your skin


Applying spot treatment creams over acne, pimples, zits, dark spots and scars at night is the best time you could do as your body and skin regenerates, repairs, restores most at the nighttime. These treatments restores your skin’s health as well as overcomes a number of skin issues.

Ingredients to look for?

Look for ingredients such as Vitamin C, B3,  liquorice extract (for hyper pigmented skin),  and Butylated Hydroxyanisole , Alpha Hydroxy Acid (for acne skin). Look for a treatment cream that gives  you a antiseptic, anaesthetic and anthelmintic properties.
Look for hydroquinone which is (a skin-bleaching ingredient that works fast but can be also irritating for those who have sensitive skin.

How to use treatment cream?

  • Tap a layer over your infected area.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Let it dry.

Step 6 : Moisturize your face


Moisturizing your skin is the last and the most important and vital step of your night skincare routine to lock in all the benefits into your skin. It prevents the acne breakouts and keeps your skin smooth, clear, wrinkle free and also balances the skin complexion.

Benefits of moisturizing your skin are:

  • Fights wrinkles
  • Reduces appearance of blemishes
  • Reduces the chances of other skin problems
  • Hydrates your deeper layers of the skin
  • Protects from inflammation and irritants
  • Balances your skin’s natural oil production.

Ingredients to look for?

While buying moisturizer, look for oil free, non-comedogenic (for oily skin), and look for Vitamin A, B5  and antioxidants (Vitamin C, E), hyaluronic acid (humectant) and ceramides. 

How to apply moisturizer?

  • Pat the moisturizer into your face.
  • Let it settle down for a few seconds.
Oily skin – Look for a water-based moisturizer which provides lightweight hydration.

Sensitive skin – Look for a fragrance free moisturizer specially prepared and formulated for sensitive skin, as fragrance can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Dry skin– Look for a moisturizer that hydrates your skin.


No matter, how much you are tired, follow these 6 Step Simple Night Skincare Routine and your skin will definitely be grateful to you for spending 5 minutes of your day taking care of yourself!