Are you also confused about which nail shape you must adopt for your nails? Then this article is for you. People often don’t pay much attention about choosing the correct type of nail shape for their nails.
Choosing the correct type of nail shape for your  nails can be quite hectic, but, it can bring out the best version of your hands and enhance its beauty by making it more attractive.
I have landed up myself into 10 different types of nail shapes. Today, we are going to discuss these different types of nail shapes and how to choose the best nail shape type for yourself. Mainly we have: square, rounded square, round, oval, ballerina, almond, stiletto, lipstick, flare and arrowhead.

Nail shapes

We have developed and designed different types of nail shapes we can adopt our nails into.
So, here I am going to tell you, how to choose the best type of nail shape according to your nails. To figure out the best type, we have to consider some of the things:
  • Length of nails
  • Broadness of nail bed
  • Shape of your fingers

1. Square

The classic square shaped nails are best for those who have slim, long fingers and narrow nail beds. The square shape has tip filed straight/flat and straight sharp, edged corners. It is very easy to create this look as it requires very less attention and maintenance.

2. Rounded square


These type of nails also give your nails a very classy look. They are little curvy at the edges and a less fierce version of square shaped nails.

3. Round

Round shaped nails are perfectly fine for those who prefer short nails. Not only they look beautiful but are also very easy to manage, round in appearance and curvy at the edges.

4. Oval 

People those who have chubbier, short fingers and wide nail beds can definitely go for this option as they will create an illusion of longer, slender and slimmer fingers. This nail shape has semicircular ends and gives a feminine look to your hands.

5. Ballerina/Coffin

Ballerina, in its name itself, has explained the nail type, which is pointy but has a straight edge at its end. If your nails are generally long, you can go for this option as they will give your nails a fierce look but also make them look very attractive.
6. Almond
Almond shaped nails are less fierce version of stilettos and has a rounded tip. Another way to make your short fingers appear longer and slender is to have an almond shaped nails.

7. Stilleto

For all long nail lovers, this nail shape is undoubtedly made for you people. Those who have strong and non easily breakable nails –  this option is for you! This nail type is wider at the base and pointy at the end.

8. Lipstick

This style of nail is unique, yet incredibly stunning, and not for the faint hearted people! This nail shape exactly looks like the shape of a lipstick, having a sharp tip, sloping downwards. 

9. Flare

This type of nail shape spreads upward out which gives your nails and fingers a broader look.

10. Arrow Head

Arrowhead nails in its name itself depicts its shape, this nail type  looks like the end of an arrow, creating a V- shaped at the end and straight, sharp sides.